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Showing Off The Beauty You Know You Possess

About YBTY

I love, love, love shoes, and this is my passion as well as my weakness. I love accessories in general, but I have a weak spot for beautiful shoes. I only sell items that I will wear, and I hope you will love them as much as I do.

I am a one-person owner of my business. I chose to sell women's clothing, shoes, and accessories not because I am a woman, but because it's something that I'm knowledgeable about, care about, and love to do. Over the years of shopping and testing various products for my own personal use, I've learned how to spot a good piece of quality material. After learning the difference from cheaper material to better quality I can't go back to buying or wearing something that won't last. I don't know everything and am still learning all the time. The items I sell are excellent quality items. Now while every item you see on my website might not be in my physical possession to ship to you (because I am a one person small business owner and don't have hundreds of thousands of dollars of inventory on hand), the companies that drop ship from their location to you are companies that I work with and buy my products from, and that I trust. I have tested their products and use them in my everyday life, that's how I know what you're getting is something that will last, and worth spending a little more money on. The shoe that you spend $10 or $20 on regular price might sound like a great deal and they might look nice, but how long do they last before you must buy them again? I know from experience. The shoe that you spend $75 or $150 or more on is worth that price because of its quality. It's worth the investment. These items will last you a lot longer, but you must do your part in taking care of them. Everything isn't always perfect, and sometimes things do happen, so for that, I have a 60-day return policy in place in case the items don't stand up to your standards, but you can buy from my store with no regret. You will get that one on one attention directly from me, not something automated, or a big company who is just in this for the money and will sell you anything. I am big on customer service and hope to prove this to you.